• Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Increase storage space
  • Comply with federal mandates
  • Reduce or eliminate filing errors
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Become a "green" company
  • Create a disaster recovery system
  • Improve customer communication


OptiScan is a full-service document management firm. We offer customized solutions for all of our clients, and have the capabilities to support both short and long-term projects with an expert staff. Services include:


Document Management

Save time, money and space by digitizing and archiving your physical media. We can capture nearly any type of media and provide any electronic output you desire. We can then integrate those files with your existing document management system, or we can provide you with a new document management system allowing easy, secure retrieval of your digital documents. Our customized approach targets your specific needs, budgets and goals.


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Automation & Workflow

Streamline your operations and increase efficiencies by automating the workflow of your paper-based business processes. We can implement customized software solutions enabling you to streamline document routing and approval activities for information that’s essential to running the business.


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Outsourcing & Staffing

Augment your staff with highly trained document management experts. We provide outsourcing and staffing services to organizations with a constant flow of documentation that needs to be digitized, indexed, stored and managed electronically


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Healthcare Solutions

Improve productivity and reduce costs by converting your paper-based medical records into your EMR system. Our document management experts can work alongside your staff, identify the most effective conversion strategy and process selected charts using our proprietary ChartWorx appliance – all without interrupting your workday. 


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