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Do you find that your business gets buried in paper?

Many companies rely on paper forms for critical business processes – things like purchase orders, performance reviews and project approvals. But paper-based processes come with a lot of problems. Forms often sit in mounting in-boxes awaiting approval, only to be sent off to the next department for review and sign-off (and then sometimes sent back again with questions or errors). For forms requiring approval from multiple departments, this process can  drag on tediously. What’s worse, when paper forms are filled out incompletely or incorrectly, the approval process can grind to a halt.


Retrieving Electronic Documents

Once digitized, we can integrate your electronic files with your existing document management system, or we can provide you with a new document management system allowing easy, secure, role-based retrieval of your digital documents using , full-text and keyword search techniques. Options include:


  • HTML Forms: Our SaaS program allows OptiScan to create browser-based forms with built-in rules that ensure forms are filled out correctly every time.
  • Automated Flow: We create systems to automate the approval process of each form, directing the flow of documents from one approver to the next, simply and efficiently.
  • Reporting: Our system has built-in functions for notifications and reporting, helping you identify process bottlenecks or check in on the status of form approvals.
  • Document Management: We seamlessly incorporate electronic forms into your document management system for archive or search purposes.



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