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Why should my company convert paper files into digital media?

All organizations can save time and money by converting paper-based documents and records into digital media. Digital files allow organizations to reduce or eliminate filing errors and free up storage space. Digital records can be essential for companies that need to comply with federal mandates, such as SOXX, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. In addition, we can provide document management software enabling companies to easily and quickly retrieve digital documents,
or create a disaster recovery system.

I have a scanner and people available to scan. Why should I use OptiScan?

Our staff are experts on running, maintaining and configuring scanners. We can finish the job in a fraction of the time, with a much higher level of quality. Additionally, our people can free up your employees to work on other tasks that aren’t receiving the attention they deserve. We ultimately save you time, money and stress, all while boosting productivity.



I want to turn my company into a paperless one. How do we accomplish that?

We have the experience, knowledge and software systems to digitize your business processes. We can assist you in becoming a paperless office, from end to end. Contact at (800) 369-5997 to set up a free consultation.



What types of media does OptiScan scan?

  OptiScan can scan nearly any type of physical media including:
  • Letter and legal documents
  • Oversized and odd-sized documents
  • Forms
  • Drawings
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Aperture cards
  • Roll film
  • Engineering and medical x-rays



How does OptiScan maintain the quality of images
during the conversion process?

Our scanning experts employ a number of strategies to ensure image quality during a document conversion. In many cases, we can actually improve image quality.

OptiScan has tested methods for smudge and speckle removal, skew adjustments, image enhancement and grayscale scanning for enhanced details (medical EKGs). In addition, our multi-streaming process can producecolor and black-and-white versions of a document within a single scan,allowing our clients to choose between color accuracy and reduced file size.

We can also apply a quality grade to images that have degraded beyond a clearly reproducible state for later review.


Where is media scanned?

We are able to scan files on-site or off-site. We have portable equipment and secure remote connectivity that allows us to maintain all the quality, speed and efficiency on your site as
if we were scanning at our headquarters.



I have medical files that are active and can't send them off site to be scanned. What do we do?

Our EMR experts will come into your practice, work alongside your staff and scan every chart with our own equipment – without interrupting your workday. have a highly organized approach. All charts are tracked before, during and after the conversion – and all data can be easily accessed during the scanning process.



Can I access my files during the scanning process?

Yes, all files are identified and labeled. Once scanned, the
digital location contains attributes for finding the physical file,
if necessary. We can also help locate digital files prior to
document management system export. It typically takes
a few minutes to locate a file in our possession.



What should I do with my paper files following digital conversion?

We have trusted vendors that specialize in document
destruction and off-site storage.



What is business process management, and why do I need it?

Business process management is a systematic, technological approach to improving workflow efficiencies making them adaptable to new environments and situations. The ultimate goal is to reduce human error and ensure the roles of each stakeholder are upheld.

Critical business processes are often disrupted by a flurry of paper forms, and miscommunications are inevitable in this format. OptiScan eliminates paper forms and replaces them with electronic files that can be easily incorporated into a document management system. From there, we customize a workflow automation program that moves forms through the approval process quickly and easily.



Is OptiScan HIPAA compliant?

We follow all procedures for third-party business associates
of an organization covered by HIPAA. We maintain security
safeguards to protect your customers’ data.



What delivery options are available once my media has been scanned?

We have multiple options available including secure FTP, SSL WebDAV (web folders), Hosted Document Management, CD/DVD physical delivery or custom import into an implemented document management system, such as Visual Vault.

For a monthly fee, you can host and manage all of your digital media online using eVista, OptiScan’s document management software. eVista is ideal for companies that need instant access
to select files or want to restrict access to specified users.




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