• Letter and legal documents
  • Oversized and odd-sized documents
  • Forms
  • Drawings
  • Microfilm and microfiche
  • Aperture cards
  • Engineering and medical X-rays

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We have been trusted by organizations throughout the country to scan
millions of documents and images. Our many satisfied customers reap
the benefits of a digital workplace, and you can be among them.


  • Decreased administrative costs
  • Decreased storage space requirements
  • Increased search capability
  • A backup and disaster recovery system
  • A valuable tool for SOX, HIPAA and other mandates
  • Easy media retrieval


Document Scanning & Conversion


We can capture nearly any type of media – from standard documents and forms to drawings and x-rays  – and provide any electronic output you desire. We can also capture images in color, black-and-white or grayscale, depending on your needs.

All scanned images are packaged in your choice of digital formats, such as JPG, TIFF or PDF. The digital versions of these images won’t ever degrade, and in many cases, the images are actually clearer than the originals. Options include: 


  • Incorporate barcodes to use as document separators and keyword links
  • Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically extract
    index information from printed documents
  • Hand-key index information from non-standard or handwritten documents
  • Provide Quality Control grading to differentaite between good and poor quality originals.


OptiScan is equipped to scan nearly any type of media, from standard documents and forms to drawings and x-rays. We can capture images
in color, black-and-white or grayscale, depending on your needs.


Retrieving Electronic Documents


Once digitized, we can integrate your electronic files with your existing document management system, or we can provide you with a new document management system allowing easy, secure, role-based retrieval of your digital documents using , full-text and keyword search techniques. Options include:


  • Link your digital files with an existing reference database indexes
  • Create a new, customized indexing system for your company based on your search requirements
  • Control who has access to specific documentation with role-based administrative access
  • Files will be protected from loss or damage with automated backup and recovery


Visit our FAQ to learn more the scanning process and digital document retrieval.


Case Studies:

Construction Company Streamlines Accounts Payable
Manufacturing Co. Meets Federal Mandates During Document Conversion
Airline Improves Maintenance Library During Merger
Healthcare Co. Streamlines Claim Files Ahead of Audit



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