OptiScan works with organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and government entities. We understand the unique needs and challenges
for a wide range of industries, and we develop customized document solutions for each.

Our core industries include:


Aviation management is constantly challenged with balancing safety, regulatory and
customer service demands – all while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. We can
help by digitizing repair and overhaul documents, maintenance manuals, drawings
and more. Additionally, we can provide a disaster recovery system, ensuring your
records are secure and available when you need them most.


Documentation is a primary concern for all schools, colleges and universities.
Extensive paperwork is required for student records, financial tracking and audits,
testing and accreditation. We can help you ensure all electronic records are
accurately filed and easy to access. Digitization can also free up much-needed
storage space.


Storage flexibility, easy file retrieval and efficiency are key concerns for any
engineering firm. We have the capabilities to scan nearly any type of physical media
from oversized drawings to paperwork involving governmentinspections. All digital
files can be stored in a secure, online portal.


Compliance is of utmost concern in the finance industry. Sarbanes-Oxley mandates
have forced companies to streamline the capture, storage and accessibility of their
documentation. We can make the process seamless and accommodate restricted
access to select documents. In addition,we can produce high-quality scans from
microfiche and other outdated storage formats.


Government agencies and their contractors are under increasing pressure to operate
with less overhead and greater efficiency. We can help file, sort and digitize all types
of documentation, decreasing the time it takes to sort through a mountain of
paperwork. This is especially important with time constraints associated with
the Freedom of Information Act and other legal requests. In addition, we can
develop a disaster recovery system to ensure vital documents remain safe and secure.


A patient’s file can grow at an astonishing rate with just a visit or two — doctor notes,
test results, x-rays, EKGs, billing, insurance information and more. Quick file retrieval
is crucial in a medical emergency or for billing deadlines. Our proprietary ChartWorx
system enables medical practices to go paperless and seamlessly integrate their charts
into EMR systems.

Real Estate

Title agencies and real estate firms are required to file mass quantities of transactions,
sales agreements and other legal documents. We can capture all media, including
oversized lot maps, design documents and microfiche, freeing up much-needed
storage space.



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