• Gain support from highly trained experts
• Increase productivity
• Maximize your current staff’s efficiencies
• Reduce overhead costs
• Reduce payroll responsibilities and HR expenses
• Leverage off-site staff management





Does your company have a constant flow of documentation that needs to be digitized, indexed, stored and managed electronically? Do you need in-house experts to manage your document control department or mailroom?

We provide staffing and outsourcing services to organizations that have on-going document management needs with full- or part-time document experts who can be crucial to an efficient and effective operation. We will ensure your conversion process runs smoothly – all while increasing productivity, freeing up current staff, and removing the burdens and costs of extra employees

Flexible Staffing & Outsourcing Options

Depending on your needs and time restrictions, there are a number of ways we can staff your document management projects:

In-House Document Management Staffing: We can staff your organization with part- or full-time experts to manage and support on-going document management needs. It’s the ideal solution for saving time, money and stress in your document control department. We manage the employees and all HR services – you get the expertise without the extra costs and hassle.


Project-Based Staffing for Document Conversions: Our staff is available for document management projects on a temporary basis too. We can come to your company, set up a remote workspaces, and then digitize and archive your files alongside your current staff.

Off-Site Document Conversions: We can ship your media to our headquarters in Phoenix and manage the conversion process at our offices. This is ideal for companies that need to free up storage space immediately.

We can utilize your company’s current machines, or we can provide
our own scanners, workstations and servers. Our staff has extensive
experience in scanning hardware, software and document management applications.


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